Please fill out this quote request and we will reply within 48-72 hours. We will let you know about availability, options and prices. 

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Minimum order size, prices and timing

·         Orders should be placed at least a week or two ahead of pick up time, we do not have cakes ready for pick up. More complex and detailed orders require more planning and time to complete and must be place a minimum of 4 weeks prior to you event. Everything is custom made.

   The smallest cake that we make is 20 servings, 8 inch cake, nothing smaller, no exceptions.

         The Minimum decorated cupcakes order is 24 cupcakes.  Toppers are priced a part from the cake. If you wish to bring us a topper we will incorporate it on your cake.


·     Decorated cupcakes: $5 each, minimum order 24 cupcakes

      Regular cupcakes: $3.00 each, minimum order 24 cupcakes

      Specialty Flavored Cupcakes: $3.75 each, minimum order 24 cupcakes

      Basic Design Cakes with a Ribbon start at $4 per serving, minimum order 20 servings

      Decorated Cakes start at $6 per serving, minimum order 20 servings


Please remember, this is not an order form. It is a quote request and we can not guarantee availability for the requested date.


One tier 8" cake serves 20 people. Tiered cake can be 30 servings or more.


Specify if you want specific cake size or shape, colors, toppers, etc

Attach images of cakes, invitations, drawings, etc