Talk to me La La...

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes, we deliver locally. Delivery fees vary depending upon distance from the cake studio in Meredith. Please call  for a delivery quote.

  • How do I store my cake and cupcakes overnight?

    Please keep at room temperature (Do NOT refrigerate unless filled this mousses or creams!!!)

  • Do you do custom cupcake or cake designs?

    Yes, we specialize in custom hand drawn designs. Design pricing varies greatly depending upon complexity and the cake artist's design time. Please email or call  and ask to speak with a Chef Allen regarding a custom order. She will be happy to provide a quote.

  • Do you offer wedding tastings?

    Yes, please call and ask to speak to the Chef Allen for a personalized appointment.

  • Do you ship?

    We currently do not offer nationwide shipping. But will ship cupcake samples at Customers expense. Please check back with us for shipping updates.

  • Are any of your products gluten-free?

    While we are not flour free facility, we can accommodate most dietary restrictions, and make sure all the equipment is thoroughly cleaned between batches to prevent cross-contamination.  We get emails every day about our delicious gluten-free cake (available in cupcakes each day of the week) from customers grateful to finally be able to have tasty cake once more! Contact Chef Allen to chat about your egg, nut, gluten, and dairy-free dessert options today!

  • Are any of your products dairy-free?

    While we are not a dairy free facility, we can accommodate most dietary restrictions.

  • How long will my cupcakes last?

    Because we bake without preservatives, we suggest enjoying your cupcakes the day they are purchased or the following day (stored overnight at room temperature).

  • Do your products contain nuts?

    While we are not a free facility, we can accommodate most dietary restrictions, and make sure all the equipment is thoroughly cleaned between batches to prevent cross-contamination.  Some of our products contain peanuts, peanut butter, walnuts and/or pecans, and we do share baking equipment amongst all products.

  • Do you have any sugar-free products?

    Yes we do have sugar-free baked goods.

  • How far in advance should I order?

    We can usually guarantee an order if placed within 72 hours of pick-up. However, in order to fully guarantee you will receive the cake you wish, we accept orders up to 6 months in advance.

  • Do you have cupcake stands?

    We rent tiered cupcake stands, which display 24- 120 regular sized cupcakes or 60- 200 miniature cupcakes.

  • Do you do custom shaped cakes?

    Yes, Chef Allen and Crew can create 2-dimensional cut-out cakes in most any shapes. We also offer 3-dimensional Cupcake Cakes, Barbie Cakes, Gift Box cakes, and Baby Block cakes. 

   Why does Fondant Icing cost more than Buttercream Icing?

Fondant Icing is rolled sugar dough placed on top of buttercream icing.  So, when we do a cake in fondant icing, we have to ice the cake first, then roll out the fondant and ice it a second time.  Therefore, fondant iced cakes are more time consuming and thus cost more.  

  Why would I want fondant instead of buttercream?

This depends on your taste and style preference.  Fondant iced cakes have a beautiful, sleek, and elegant look. We can do more decorative work and mold/shape with fondant to create different style cake designs.  They look beautiful with ribbon wrap and/or beaded borders.  Unlike buttercream-iced cakes, they do not have a top border, and the bottom border can be small.  Fondant iced cakes also have a slightly beveled top edge.  Fondant is an amazing tool that can be made to look like material draping or pleating and many other things.